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What about the house prices? We keep reading about the housing market being slow...but let me tell you this; if you’re a homeowner in Norfolk house prices have increased significantly. According to the Office of National Statistics on average house prices in Norfolk have risen by just over £60,000 in the last 5 years.

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We love being independent! We have the liberty to adapt to the customer and meet their needs. We have no need to wait for a distant Directors approval; which can take forever and a day. Once we spot an idea for improvement we get to work immediately.

This week we received an email from Rightmove with some facts and figures regarding pricing. Rightmove don’t usually send out specific emails with data like this and coincidently it’s a topic we’ve been meaning to write about.



One of my biggest bugbears is being promised something that doesn’t come to fruition, and I imagine there are a few of you that feel the same way. Putting your trust in an agent is something that should be done with caution, so here’s a blog to help you see past the impressive sales tactics and special offers before signing on the dotted line.

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