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We love being independent! We have the liberty to adapt to the customer and meet their needs. We have no need to wait for a distant Directors approval; which can take forever and a day. Once we spot an idea for improvement we get to work immediately.

One aspect we noticed last year was the market’s desire for more flexibility in payment packages. Some are advocates of online agents; others only want agents who are incentivised by paying on completion. Each customer had their own understandable reasons that suited their needs. At the end of 2016 we sat down as a company and re-wrote our pricing structure. We kept our traditional package of a percentage on completion and added an online package with a smaller fee. This online package is available with either an upfront fee or deferred payment. We then found room to incorporate both aspects of the online package and the traditional package, which created the hybrid package. This includes a small upfront fee and a much smaller percentage on completion.

Doesn’t this all sound rosy? Well yes, but it sounds even better when we tell you how successful this has been. The start of 2016 has been incredibly busy!! We are taking new properties on all the time with different packages to suit. Not only this but, we are agreeing sales promptly!!! Today we saved one of our Vendors £500 by using the Hybrid package and sold his property just after a week of going on the market. The week before we sold another Vendor’s property in just over a week and for the full asking price!

We are over the moon with the reaction we’ve received to our new pricing structure and that we have been able to give the market what it has been seeking. There’s no need to use online agents when you have a personal local agent in William’s Way that can keep costs just as low with the added benefits of an extremely busy high street presence.

Whilst putting property after property on the market and agreeing sales William’s Way will soon begin vlogging via our Youtube channel and other social media sites! Keep an eye out for some great video content from your local independent agents. If there is anything in particular you would like us to cover in our vlog feel free to comment on this post below.


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